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Fair Trade Scarves & Shawls

Fair trade silk scarf

Fair trade scarves & shawls - handmade in India

Revel in the beauty of our handmade scarf and shawl collection. Each piece is made with attention to detail and quality. You will love the rich colors and softness of the fine threads of silk, cotton wool.

Silk Scarves Artisan Group

Peace Silk Scarves weave strength and hope for struggling communities in rural Northern India. The scarves are created with a reverence for the land and the people. Women are empowered because they play a central role in production and the land is reforested to provide enough trees for the cocoons.

Craft Process: Silk Weaving
Silk weaving is a traditional regional craft passed down for generations. The villages harvest the silk, dye the thread and use wooden looms to weave glorious scarves.

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Cotton Scarves Artisan Group

Our collection of fair trade cotton scarves carries a story of hope. Each piece was handmade at an empowerment center for women in India. As part of the lowest caste in a male-dominated society, these women are overcoming discrimination and poverty as they receive a basic education and become talented artisans.

Craft Process: Block Printing and Beading
The artisans block print with various designs and pattern combinations so no two pieces are exactly alike. They embellish each scarf with a detailed beaded fringe.

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