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Fair Trade Handbags, Totes & Wallets

Fair trade handbags & totes - handmade in India

Our fair trade handbag collection is made from hemp, a sustainable fiber that grows rampantly in Nepal. Eco-friendly, durable and stylish, each bag comes in natural earthy tones. 

What is “Fair Trade”?

Fair trade gives consumers the opportunity to help contribute to the welfare of the producers of the products and their surrounding communities. Read more...

Cotton & Silk Bags Artisan Group

Our collection of silk evening bags, cotton bucket bags and shoulder bags was made at an empowerment center for women in India. As part of the lowest caste in a male dominated society, these women are overcoming discrimination and poverty as they receive a basic education and become talented artisans.

Craft Process: Sewing

At the empowerment center, the women are trained in embroidery, block printing and sewing. Through their work, they are revitalizing important Indian craft forms and earning an income for their families.

Hemp Bag Artisan Group

In addition to working directly with artisans in India, Dolma partners with Ganesh Himal, a fair trade organization that has worked with artisans in Nepal for over twenty years.  Dolma features their fair trade greeting cards and hemp handbags, totes and wallets from Nepal on our website. 

Craft Process: Hemp Weaving

Hemp is a sustainable crop that grows rampantly in the Himalayan region. For countless years, Nepali artisans have woven handbags, totes and wallets from hemp fibers. The strong fibers create bags that are both durable and eco-friendly.