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Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Dolma has been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2007. We are proud to be part of an organization comprised of businesses that are fully committed to fair trade. More...

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Help Girls in India Earn an Education

Help Girls in India Earn an Education

We are committed to doing our part to help those in need. Now you can help by making a small investment in a brighter future for girls and women living in poverty. More...

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From Cocoon to Scarf

From Cocoon to Scarf

In remote villages in India, we see the amazing skill in silk scarf production. They grow the silk worms, spin, dye and weave them into beautiful scarves. More...

Posted on Nov. 27, 2013; no comments yet

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New Year Aspirations

We want to wish a Happy New Year to you. Each year we set our goals and strive to have a positive impact in the world:

  • May our work bring peace, balance and hope to the 500+ families in India whose lives are touched by Dolma. 
  • May we expand our reach so we can share our work with more and more people in the U.S.
  • May we inspire others to realize how connected with are with one another, all across the world. 
  • May all beings reach their true potential and contribute to the world, that which is their highest calling.
  • May 2013 bring good health, abundance, joy and peace to all. 

What are your aspirations for 2013?

Happy New Year!


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