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Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Enjoy 25% off your order through Dec 8!

Enjoy 25% off your order through Dec 8!

To express our appreciation for your support this holiday season, we are extended 25% off through Dec 8. Use coupon code holiday2014 at checkout. More...

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Vermont International Festival

Vermont International Festival

Join us for one of our favorite events of the year. The Vermont International Festival will take place December 5--7 at the Champlain Valley Expo on Rt. 15 in Essex, VT. More...

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Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Dolma has been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2007. We are proud to be part of an organization comprised of businesses that are fully committed to fair trade. More...

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Children Around the World

When I lived in India in 2006, I taught at a school for children who lived in extreme poverty. What a stark contrast from the day care I worked at in Colorado. The privileged American children spent their days in a classroom cluttered with toys and activities. Yet they were constantly bored. 

In India, the preschoolers spent their mornings in a tent-classroom, right in the heart of the slum they called home. Its walls were patched together and its floor was the earth. There were no shelves stacked with games, no rows of baskets brimming with toys. They had one bin with a few activities. 

The children all sat quietly in a circle as the teacher pulled out the bin.  As he lined up bowling pins in the center of the circle, the children clapped -- so happy to be playing a game together. They each waited their turn to roll a ball into the pins. They cheered each other on. 

When I read the recent article in Feature ShootPhotos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions, I was reminded of my time in India. I too felt an openness from these children who came from so little. They were proud of their possessions, no matter how small. 

The same is true for the children I know in the U.S.A. as well. Their stuffed animals keep them safe at night, and their race cars are the fastest in the world. For all children, their dearest toys have a life of their own. They are loved as much more than material objects. 

I learn so much from the children in my life. They embody generosity and appreciation. No matter where they come from in the world, they share a common thread of wonder and pure joy. They teach me what it means to be a human being and are a constant reminder of why we need to work for good in the world. 

Learn about our education program and what you can do to help...

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