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Posted on Saturday, October 8, 2011

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Green Festival NYC, April 21 - 22

Join us this weekend at the Javits Center in NYC for an amazing Earth Day Celebration! More...

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Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Dolma has been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2007. We are proud to be part of an organization comprised of businesses that are fully committed to fair trade. More...

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Find Our Products in a Store Near You

Did you know that you can find Dolma's fair trade scarves, handbags and table linens in store throughout the U.S.? Learn more... More...

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Ranthambore India

Located near a Tiger Preserve in India, the Ranthambore Artisan Cooperative works to empower women, preserve cultural craft forms and strengthen the local economy.
The cooperative was formed in the mid-1980's to offer an alternative income to struggling communities surrounding the Tiger Preserve. What began as a small operation with 20 women, has evolved into a robust empowerment center with over 300 artisans.

The women are empowered because they have an opportunity to earn a good income. Their work is meaningful because they are preserving important cultural craft forms.
In the two years that we have worked with this group, we have seen a transformation in the women. They walk with more confidence and exhibit pride in their work.

We are so happy to partner with this group. The table linens that they make for our collection are simply beautiful. Each piece is inspired by animal and floral motifs from the jungle that surrounds them. Combined with high quality crafts-women-ship, each piece carries a sense of reverence for the land and the people.

View our table linens made in Ranthambore...


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