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Our Story

Dolma was founded by Melinda Haselton in 2006. She was teaching at a school that served the poorest neighborhood in Dharamsala, India and witnessed the impact that poverty has on children, families and entire communities. Yet everyday she saw in the children’s eyes determination, curiosity, passion and a dream to live a better life. In response to this, she founded Dolma.

What first began as a small side project became her life’s passion. Dolma’s goal is to provide long-term sustainable assistance to our fair trade partners and to the schools we support. Our products are handcrafted with attention to beauty and quality – bringing a taste of India into homes all across the nation.

Our Name

Dolma was named by a Buddhist Geshe and dear friend of Melinda’s. He resides in India at a Tibetan monastery. He blessed the endeavor by naming it “Dolma.” Dolma is the Tibetan word for Tara, the female Buddha, who symbolizes compassion in Tibetan Buddhism. Geshe said, “She is like the wave in the ocean that brings the drowning people to shore.” Her ceaseless compassion is the inspiration for our work and the driving force behind our activities.

Many Thanks

Dolma would like to extend our gratitude to the following individuals and businesses who contributed to the construction and design of this website:
Ecopixel -  web design, development and hosting
SRM Photography – product photography
Rachael Carbonneau – product photography
Julia King – artisan and school photography
Molly McGill – editor
Carolyn Brown – graphic design
Ashley Flanagan – logo design

What is “Fair Trade”?

Fair trade gives consumers the opportunity to help contribute to the welfare of the producers of the products and their surrounding communities. Read more...