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Fair Trade

Fair trade is a growing global social movement in international trade that seeks to build partnership among producers (artisans and farmers), sellers, and consumers. The main focus of fair trade is to promote economic development by offering a new and more equal form of trading relationships with producers in developing countries.

Fair trade is guided under the principle of equity. Fair trade’s commitment includes:

  • Paying livable wages
  • Safe working conditions
  • Gender equality
  • Environmental protection
  • Paying promptly
  • Paying up to 50% deposit
  • Transparency
  • Building capacity
  • No child or slave labor
  • Investing in education, health care etc. in producer communities

By building a more equitable trade system, fair trade seeks to heal communities. In conventional trade products move through several hands in the supply chain before it reaches the end consumer. Fair trade eliminates some of the middlemen, making it easier to connect the producer to the importer to the consumer. As consumers are more closely linked to the producers, they are empowered to create positive change through their purchasing power. Fair trade gives consumers the opportunity to help contribute to the welfare of the producers and their communities.

The Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade Federation

Dolma has been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2007. The Fair Trade Federation is a North American trade association that strengthens and promotes businesses fully committed to fair trade. The Federation unites fair trade businesses who are all working to reduce poverty through sustainable trade. Learn more on their website.

Fair Trade Burlington

Fair Trade Burlington Vermont

On a local level, Dolma is involved with Fair Trade Burlington, an organization that works to grow the fair trade movement in Burlington and throughout Vermont. They are part of the national Fair Trade Towns movement.

Fair Trade Burlington promotes local businesses involved with fair trade and educates the Burlington community about fair trade by hosting events and workshops at local schools, universities, organizations and businesses. Learn more about Fair Trade Burlington on their blog