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Silk Scarf Artisan Group

Our collection of silk scarves are hand woven in remote villages in Northern India that have few opportunities for commerce. Previously, the villages relied heavily on agriculture. Fathers were forced to go to cities to find work and families were split up as a result.

An Indian NGO helped the villages by setting up the Silk Scarf Project. As a longtime craft form of the region, it was a great fit for women who already knew how to spin and men who knew how to weave.


The villages reforested areas around their homes to provide enough trees for the silk worms. This also gave them much needed fire wood.
Groups of women work together to spin the silk cocoons into thread.
Some of the silk is spun using traditional foot pedaled machines.
Others use the new electric machines that can spin several cocoons at once.
It is then sent to be dyed.
The weavers use traditional wooden looms to craft the scarves.
Lastly, they are finished, ironed and ready for packaging.

The NGO helped them set up the operation and offered them guidance for quality and consistency so they could compete in the global market. The scarves they produce are exquisite. Not only does the Silk Scarf Project aid in reviving their economy, but it preserves a cultural craft form important to Indian society.

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