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Urban Fair Trade

Our collection of cotton scarves, silk evening bags and cotton totes is handmade at an empowerment center for women in Jodhpur, India. The empowerment center was founded in 2007 when Govind Singh, a guesthouse owner, discovered that the daughters of one of his employees had never been to school. As members of the lowest caste, the girls had no choice but to tend to their homes and earn money for their families.

Govind told his employee to bring the girls for some lessons. The next day they showed up with 20 of their friends. Seeing the great need for education, Govind founded a charity and recruited teachers to come educate the girls in reading, writing, math, Hindi, English and vocational skills like sewing.


When the first group of women graduated, Govind and his team helped them set up a sewing center so they could begin to earn an income and put their skills and new found confidence to use. As the lowest caste in a male dominated society, these women are overcoming discrimination and poverty as they receive an education and become skillful artisans. 

The artisans are skilled in a variety of craft forms including block-printing, beading, embroidery and sewing. They are excited to have an opportunity that they wouldn’t otherwise have to work together, earn an income and create beautiful products that are a reflection of their culture.

Featured Products by These Artisans

Sage Cotton Scarf

Our lovely fair trade sage cotton scarf is embellished with a beaded fringe. See details...

Bronze Bucket Bag

Bring some style to your wardrobe with our Bronze Bucket Bag. Designed with subtle stitching and oversized wooden button. See details...